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2023 ASUC elections endorsements

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APRIL 10, 2023

An election season ushers in feelings of excitement, anticipation and undeniable tension. And this year was no exception. With campaign flyers and posters scattered all throughout Sproul Plaza, rain or shine, it’s evident that the pressure is on. 

With a surplus of senator and executive candidates joining the race, the battle over who becomes elected to those coveted spots is fiery to say the least. But despite all the debates, rebuttals and party politics, one thing remains certain: UC Berkeley needs nothing short of dependable, considerate, dedicated and tenacious leaders to navigate whatever lies ahead in the upcoming year.

For the past two weeks, the Daily Californian’s editorial board interviewed executive and senatorial candidates. Based on these conversations, along with further research, we have selected a list of those individuals we believe will best serve the UC Berkeley community. Here are our choices.

To vote in the ASUC elections, click here.

Saruul Amarbayar for ASUC president

Different issues may emerge without notice or unique situations will arise unexpectedly. But to steer through these circumstances with ease, the UC Berkeley community needs a devoted, reliable leader to guide the campus to success and resolution. And the best person this election season to do so is none other than Saruul Amarbayar.

Henry Isselbacher for executive vice president

ASUC candidate Henry F. Isselbacher.

As the current ASUC chief financial officer, Isselbacher sees taking on the role of executive vice president, or EVP, as the natural next step. He’s worked closely with the current ASUC EVP, and going forward, he plans to enhance collaboration and communication between ASUC officials that might have dwindled since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alex Edgar for external affairs vice president

ASUC candidate Alex Edgar.

Alex Edgar is ready to further foment political advocacy as the next external affairs vice president. Running unopposed in the position, Edgar seeks to build on his current track record of success and increase voter registration and participation in the UC Berkeley community.

Kenneth Ng for academic affairs vice president

Image of Kenneth Ng

When it comes to academic advocacy, experience is the name of the game, Ng knows the systems, their flaws and solutions to keep students at the forefront of his goals. Running as an independent candidate, his sole affiliation lies with the student body and the commitments he promises to carry through if elected as the next AAVP.

Ariana Kretz for student advocate

ASUC candidate Ariana Kretz.

Kretz is equipped with the institutional knowledge, care and awareness pivotal for a prosperous term as student advocate. Having been a part of the student advocate’s office, or SAO, since her freshman year and most recently serving as its external chief of staff and conduct caseworker, Kretz possesses the perfect balance of internal and external experience.

Ashley Tigue for transfer representative

ASUC candidate Ashley Tigue.

While the experience and qualifications that set Tigue up for success in this role are overwhelming, her lived experiences advocating for transfers at the community college and university level have given her the insight to understand both sides of the process. Combined with her overwhelming endorsement by the Transfer Student Caucus, Tigue stands as the best option for this job.

Here are the 20 ASUC Senate candidates you should vote for this year

After thorough deliberation and consideration of each candidate’s platforms, relevant experience and interview responses, we have chosen who we believe will best represent and serve the UC Berkeley student body. The following 20 ranked candidates are those we think are right for the difficult job ahead.

Here’s how you should vote on the 2023 ASUC ballot referendum

Every ASUC election, students are given the option to vote on referendums that aim to support various student and campus services. This year, there are two propositions students can vote on: The Class Pass Renewal Referendum and the Graduate Assembly Fee Referendum.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board as written by the spring 2023 opinion editor, Ashley Tsai. Contact the opinion desk at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter.

APRIL 12, 2023