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Henry F. Isselbacher for executive vice president

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Isselbacher says that with his extensive experience in the ASUC, running for EVP is the natural next step.


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APRIL 10, 2023

As the current ASUC chief financial officer, Isselbacher sees taking on the role of executive vice president, or EVP, as the natural next step. He’s worked closely with the current ASUC EVP, and going forward, he plans to enhance collaboration and communication between ASUC officials that might have dwindled since the COVID-19 pandemic. For the broader community, he also wants to increase funding and accessibility to campus space for student organizations, starting with an online portal called OSKI that would streamline room reservations and make space on campus more readily available.

His platform also includes overseeing task forces for diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as the expansion of various student services. These range from increased student printing and concert artist diversity to a 24/7 ASUC Student Union and expansion of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Seeing these plans come to fruition may prove challenging, but Isselbacher’s years of experience give reassurance that he knows the ins and outs necessary to make his ideas happen.

He also acknowledges the differences between certain student communities, such as transfer students and spring admits, and wants to increase awareness within these groups on how to work with and in the ASUC. This commitment also includes a promise to frequent meetings with the ASUC Disabled Students Commission and the ASUC Diversity Affairs Commission in order to more holistically inform policymaking.

In addition to the support from his corgi named Walter, Isselbacher is also endorsed by members of the transfer community as well as the current ASUC EVP and external affairs vice president, the Chair of the ASUC Mental Health Commission and several ASUC senators and officials.

Vote Henry F. Isselbacher for executive vice president.

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APRIL 10, 2023