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A local’s guide to the 626 Night Market in Santa Anita

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APRIL 10, 2023

The 626 Night Market is one of the biggest collections of night market events in California, and it has even recently expanded to Las Vegas. With hundreds of attractions ranging from food, artists and merchandise to live concerts, the event is one you can’t miss, especially with their widely known red “626 Night Market” banner that everyone seems to post on their social media. The bazaar-inspired event was named after the 626 area code in Southern California. Before its vast expansion, it was most often hosted at Santa Anita Park (unsurprisingly in the 626 area). As someone who has been to the Santa Anita Park night market quite a few times, here’s what you should expect. 


One thing to expect is that the prices at 626 Night Market are a bit more on the expensive side. However, the market does have a variety of niche goods that you wouldn’t find on a daily basis such as rainbow buns or light bulb juice. Moreover, while this may vary depending on location, the Santa Anita Park location does require a general admission fee.

Wait times

The 626 Night Market is undoubtedly one of, if not the biggest, and most popular night markets in the United States. With its popularity, of course, comes huge crowds and even longer lines. Before going to the night market, I’d advise you to know that you will most likely spend a couple of hours there at the minimum if you want to try a plethora of the food. A few of the times I went, I had to wait in line before even entering the night market. 


While this varies depending on when you plan to go, the Santa Anita location specifically is hosted during the summer, meaning high temperatures. I’d recommend bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, hats or any other form of protection from the sun. I’ve also seen people bring hand-held fans to the event, which I wish I’d done as well. Remember, you are most likely going to be waiting quite a bit of time in line for vendors, and the majority of the Night Market isn’t shaded. So, if you plan to go during the afternoon times, just be prepared for some heat.


Although I can’t speak for the other locations (besides the mini Bay Area 626 Night Market in Milpitas), the Santa Anita location is conveniently located right next door to Westfield Santa Anita. So, for those of you looking to do even more shopping after, I’d highly recommend checking out the two-story shopping mall plus promenade combo. 

The 626 Night Market is an amazing event to check out for those of you foodies out there. With bizarre-looking foods such as giant baby bottles and delicious unagi hand rolls, you’ll definitely find something to satisfy all your food cravings. Topped with talented artists, crafts, merchandise, live music and photo ops, there’s definitely something for everyone at the 626 Night Market.

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APRIL 10, 2023