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Tyler Mahomes runs for ASUC EVP on safety, equity

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Senior Staff

APRIL 10, 2023

Tyler Mahomes, a campus junior studying legal studies and minoring in public policy, is running for ASUC executive vice president, or EVP.

Mahomes is a current ASUC senator representing Greek life and is the only current Black senator. Using his experience as a senator, Mahomes hopes to bring tangible change for communities on campus.

With platforms focusing on campus safety, harm reduction and space and funding equity for registered student organizations on campus, Mahomes noted that he came up with platforms based on conversations with students on campus, which are reflective of the change he would like to see on campus for the communities he represents.

Mahomes said what makes his platforms unique is that they are all feasible and can be accomplished within his term.

“Being in the ASUC for the past eight months has taught me that the institution itself can do that,” Mahomes said. “How it does that is working with tangible policies.”

Throughout his term as a senator, Mahomes’ office has worked to establish a working relationship with Lyft, and he said he hopes to bring a free ride program to students on campus as EVP. Mahomes noted he will work to implement training and self-defense classes and expand mental health resources on campus to ensure students feel safe and supported.

During his time as a senator, Mahomes noted he has worked to change narratives around Greek life representation and worked to bring sustainability projects and sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention to Greek life, having passed the Angel Shots bill with the ASUC Sexual Violence Commission, which put SVSH prevention flyers throughout local restaurants around Berkeley.

“It’s kind of rare to see a low-income Black student representing the entirety of Greek life,” Mahomes said. “It’s something I came in knowing that I’d have to be responsible for and work within Greek life to do a lot of sustainability projects and SVSH prevention.”

In addition, Mahomes said he has centered harm reduction by working with members of his student health and wellness department. According to Mahomes, his team began a campus chapter of End Overdose at Cal, which promoted harm reduction, training, resource distribution and general awareness.

To Mahomes, making sure that at-risk populations on campus have the training and research they need to be prepared for unexpected circumstances is critical to harm reduction.

As the only current Black senator and being part of the Black community on campus, Mahomes emphasized the importance of representation. Additionally, he noted the importance of establishing a working relationship and partnership with communities outside of those that he represents.

“I’m doing this because I love the students on this campus,” Mahomes said. “I want to ensure that we have a safe and secure campus for not just students now but students in the future.”

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APRIL 10, 2023