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My two favorite podcasts at the moment

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APRIL 20, 2023

Podcasts are severely underrated, and that’s a little baffling to believe considering just how addictive a great podcast can be. To be fair, it wasn’t until I started college that I really got into listening to them. Sometimes I just want to nod my head around and listen to other perspectives on a situation instead of being the one who runs a conversation. I come to you with my two favorite podcasts that I recommend to anyone who’s in need of some fire entertainment. 

Suburb Talks

I stumbled upon Suburb Talks by accident one day scrolling through YouTube. The video that had caught my attention was captioned: “Should You Fight Anyone Who Disrespects Your Girl?” The video was about an hour long which was just around the time I had left on the treadmill. I’ve never laughed so hard at the gym, and I know for a fact I got some looks from the people next to me, but I couldn’t help it. The things that they talked about were just too relatable and too “outta pocket” to not laugh at. 

The group consists of Nick, Maru, Sage, Cynthia, Christine, Devin and Sean, and their authentic childhood friendships shine through in every video. I’ve religiously watched every single podcast and wait for a new one weekly to cure me of the midterm depression I’m currently in. “Suburb Talks” is so refreshing because of their brazen conversation topics and witty humor when discussing “taboo” topics that some might feel ashamed to talk about. And although I’m laughing every time I watch a video, the serious moments they take to discuss depression, therapy and mental health make it all the more easy for viewers like me to feel connected. What’s even better? The diverse group offers some ethnic representation that I feel is really necessary, and each episode always has a “theme” that makes me crack up.

Under the Influence Show

I just recently started getting into this podcast from their guest appearances on “Suburb Talks,” and immediately clicked with them as well. The show follows Wootak, Esther, Viet and Jeremy on a bunch of tangents all centered around relationships, friendships and random things that pop into their heads. Although the group didn’t grow up together, their banter speaks volumes for the chemistry that they have with one another. 

Almost every member of the podcast has a special “episode” dedicated to them where they discuss their lives in more depth and the challenges they have had to overcome. I really appreciate this segment because of the vulnerability displayed and the audiences I know they’re reaching with their stories because of this. 

These podcasts can be streamed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube (which is where I prefer to listen in from). Enjoy the plethora of conversations and if you have any recommendations for me, send them my way! 

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APRIL 20, 2023