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My summer bucket list

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JUNE 02, 2023

During the spring semester, my friends and I started a bucket list of fun activities to try and places to go around Berkeley. Now that summer is in full swing, I decided to start one for my friends and I at home to aspire to complete. Hopefully, my list can give you inspiration for a list of your own so that you can feel the excitement I do about all the possibilities that summer has to offer!

Pull an all-nighter

What’s more fun than a sleepover with your best friends with all the time in the world together to gossip and tell stories? 

Film a music video

This one is kind of random, but I thought it would be fun to film a music video as a joke to a good throwback song — maybe “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber? Bonus points if you post it on TikTok.

Read 20 books

Whenever summer rolls around, I always find I have a lot more time that I can devote to reading. It makes me feel like I’m a little kid again just spending the entire day reading, and I love it. I especially love lying out by a pool, beach or lake to read while basking in the sun. I always make sure to wear sunscreen, though!


This one requires being in a place with pretty low pollution, which may be hard. If you’re able to, though, it’s so worth it — gazing at the stars on a warm summer night is a beautiful way to spend an evening.

Picnic at the beach

Pretty self-explanatory — go to Trader Joe’s, stock up on your favorite snacks and drinks and head to the beach! Make sure to bring a beach blanket!

Build a sandcastle

This one can be accomplished either before, after or during your picnic, although the latter may cause the picnic to be a little more sandy than average. Using some of those plastic buckets is probably your best bet, but you can also try to freehand it for a more creative artistic approach.

Go on a hike

I’ve already done this one a few times, but it never hurts to add to your list! Some of my favorites in the Bay Area include the Stanford Dish Hiking Trailhead and Arastradero Preserve Loop Vista Point.

Dance in the rain

Maybe this is a little romanticized, but I still think it could be fun to grab a few of your friends and let loose a little. Maybe ask if anyone has a waterproof speaker?

Play Just Dance

I don’t know if this is just me, but I LOVE Just Dance — I always end up having the best time no matter if I play it with my friends or family. You don’t even need to have the game to play — you can search for YouTube videos and just follow along. It’s even more fun if you have multiple groups competing for the approval of a judge, which makes it more competitive!

So, that concludes the fun (and growing) list of activities I want to do this summer! Feel free to take any or all of these ideas or to add your own twist to them! We, at the Clog, wish you the best of luck completing a summer bucket list of your own!

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JUNE 02, 2023