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Bingeworthy tv shows to enjoy this summer

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JUNE 28, 2023

TV shows are a guilty pleasure that you only really get the opportunity to enjoy when you can find a moment of silence in the busyness that is everyday life. Television is a great way to wind down and get lost in plots and storylines, as well as relate to others and make friends with those who enjoy the same shows. Although there are a multitude of streaming services and TV shows out there to enjoy, here are my top five bingeworthy shows to watch — especially this summer, when time is plentiful and school isn’t as demanding as it is during the semester. 

“Gossip Girl

My favorite TV show of all time has to be “Gossip Girl.” I’m in love with New York City and getting the opportunity to explore the city through this show is one of my favorite pastimes. “Gossip Girl” allows you to get lost in a world of wealth that only few can understand, depicting five young adults making their way through high school and college, and the drama, struggles and angst that comes with it. Every time I watch “Gossip Girl” I’m pulled into the crazy world of the elite in New York City and I’m always there to let it welcome me home. 

“The OC”

Unlike “Gossip Girl,” I’ve only seen this show once, but I really enjoyed it. I loved the focus on Southern California and the show’s references to UC Berkeley, due to two of the main characters being graduates of the school. “The OC” also has its fair share of wealth since it depicts the wealthy living in the mansions on the coast of Orange County. The main character, Ryan, is forced into this lifestyle when he finds himself adopted by two members of this elite social group. He struggles to fit in and stay true to himself throughout the series. I really loved this show and the characters in it as they struggle with wealth and their futures in the face of tragedy and drama. 

“Gilmore Girls”

“Gilmore Girls” is a super popular show that everyone who has seen it seems to enjoy. “Gilmore Girls” follows a teen mom and her daughter as she enters high school. The focal point of the series is the relationship between mother and daughter through all the ups and downs of high school and college drama. Although “Gilmore Girls” is definitely known to give more fall energy, I still think it’s an amazing show that deserves its place on this bingeworthy summer watch list. As a college student who just went through the college selection process, it was really interesting and enthralling to see the main character, Rory Gilmore, go through the same process. Overall, I would very highly recommend this show to anyone looking for something new to binge. 

“Never Have I Ever”

Another show that I had a really fun time watching is “Never Have I Ever.” I love the main character, Devi Vishwakumar, because of her hilarious and intense nature. Devi finds herself paralyzed after her father’s death and subsequently decides to have the best junior year ever once she regains the ability to walk. Losing her virginity is at the top of this list and she does everything possible to make it happen. Throughout the show, a love triangle begins to develop between Devi and the two main love interests, Ben and Paxton, who have their own set of quirks and storylines that adds to the show and its charm. I really loved watching Devi develop throughout the series and found her to be one of the most relatable teenagers on film. 


Set in England during the early 1800s, “Bridgerton” is a cute show full of romance, etiquette and royalty. The show follows the Bridgerton siblings as they make their debut in society, falling in love and finding their place in the world. Their lives are chronicled by the famous Lady Whistledown, who uncovers and writes stories of their scandal and drama in a newsletter for all to read, adding a layer of enthrallment to the concept. I would highly recommend this series, as it was especially fun for me to watch due to my personal fascination with royalty. I found it entertaining and I promise you will too. 

Overall, there are plenty of TV shows across all the streaming platforms in today’s world, so finding a good show to watch can sometimes be a challenge. I hope this TV show guide can help you find the perfect show to binge this summer with friends, family or even by yourself. Enjoy and happy watching! 

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JUNE 28, 2023