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What being a Swiftie means to me

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JULY 26, 2023

Since The Eras Tour has been making national headlines, Taylor Swift seems to be at the front of everyone’s minds. Even people who were not mega fans before her current tour are trying to score tickets to the famous Eras Tour that is taking the world by storm. I’m super excited to get the opportunity to see Taylor Swift in Los Angeles and can’t wait to sing along and watch The Eras Tour for myself. 

Swift has been a huge part of my life for such a long time and her songs have really been there for me during the highs and lows of my adolescence. From slow ballads such as “All Too Well” and songs of the summer such as “Cruel Summer,” I have always been able to count on Swift for a song to laugh, dance or cry to. 

During her 1989 Tour, most people thought she had reached her peak in fame and success. However, it’s clear now that no one could’ve predicted the level of popularity she has now been able to achieve. Swift is truly the singer of our generation and writes songs that can appeal to anyone despite their stage in life or situation. 

What makes Swift different from most artists is her songwriting prowess. She is a beautiful songwriter who can create powerful lyrical narratives that capture the attention of listeners, along with her enthralling beats and singing capabilities. I personally love the way her songs tell stories and how you can truly feel her passion and raw emotion during her singles and live performances. 

As someone who went to her Reputation Tour, I can honestly say that attending one of her concerts is a performance like no other. She gives her all to every audience and captures fans with a stage presence that very few singers are able to achieve. Yet somehow, she seems to be able to make the experience personal to every attendee. I’d know — she had everyone singing along with a passion as if each song was meant uniquely for them.  

The Eras Tour is also different from most other concerts due to the fact that Swift puts effort into creating a different show every night. She creates a set of different costume changes and surprise songs to allow fans to have a special experience each night they go, which only adds to the uniquely Swift experience. 

Swifties have also come together and created heartwarming traditions, such as the trading of friendship bracelets and dressing up as their favorite era for the concert to make it an even more memorable experience. I personally can’t wait to partake in these traditions once my tour date comes along, fully immersing myself into the beautiful world that Swift has created in her mind through the lyrics and songs that incite a passion in most everyone who listens.

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JULY 26, 2023