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Long time no see, friend

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AUGUST 16, 2023

The term “friends come and go” is widely known. I mean, I heard it when I transitioned from middle school to high school and even from high school to college. I’ve even witnessed this saying come into fruition throughout my time in school.

Although on the outside this phenomenon may appear sad or even regretful, I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of. Sure, “friends come and go,” but I’ve learned that they come and go for a reason. Perhaps they were able to teach you a hard, cruel lesson. Perhaps something got in the way of your friendship, like distance. Some friendships are meant to be only temporary — and that’s not a bad thing. 

As I’m writing this, I recognize that a ton of incoming freshmen will be moving into their dorms soon and will presumably be anxious — perhaps most of your friends aren’t going to the same school as you or perhaps you’re coming from across the globe. 

Many people have already mentioned this and I’ll say it again, Berkeley is an incredibly diverse place — the students come from a variety of different backgrounds. However, because of Berkeley’s immense size — both with regard to students and the campus — sometimes the school can feel a bit overwhelming. I want to reassure you that there will be a plethora of opportunities for you to make friends here throughout these next four years — GBO week, classes, the dorms and clubs are just a few good examples. 

Trust me, I was in your shoes. Just about a year ago I was an incoming freshman — one of two from my high school — so you can imagine how I felt knowing virtually no one else. In fact, I didn’t even know who my roommates were until move-in day. Regardless of not knowing many people before setting foot on campus, I was able to leave the school year with a ton of wonderful friends and memories that I will cherish forever.

Going back to the original quote, while a good handful of friends do “come and go” that still leaves room for those who stay. While you’re caught up with your new and fresh relationships this upcoming school year, don’t forget to keep in touch with some of your closest friends back home, those who stayed. I think that sometimes, it’s nice to be able to go home and say something along the lines of “long time no see, friend.”

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AUGUST 16, 2023