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Where to go on weekends

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2023

Berkeley can be a daunting city to move into for some people, especially freshmen who don’t know everything the city has to offer. It’s important to be safe when exploring the streets of Berkeley, but once you have your safety under control, you can start looking at all the adventures that you have yet to explore. 

Berkeley Farmers Market 

One really fun event to attend on the weekends is the Berkeley Farmers Market. This event is hosted every Saturday from 10am-3pm and offers a variety of local goods from food and produce to fashion accessories. This is a really great way to support the local community and get out of the house early with friends to get a jumpstart on your day. 

Fourth Street 

Fourth Street is a really fun street in Berkeley with a variety of high end shops lining the way. This area is perfect for window shopping and has some really great food to check out. I love coming here with friends and looking at all the cute shops and live music that sometimes plays in the area. 


Yet another area with adorable trinket shops to explore. Elmwood is a very cute part of Berkeley with twinkling lights lining the way and a variety of coffee shops, making it the perfect place for study dates. Elmwood is also home to Boichick Bagels – which has been voted the “Best Bagel” in the Bay Area several times. I would highly recommend waking up early before the line starts to form and trying one of these bagels yourself. 


If you’re willing to make the BART ride to San Francisco, exploring Chinatown is definitely worth the journey! Amazing food and architecture awaits you in this part of San Francisco. I love browsing the small stores filled with Chinese art and merchandise, as well as watching the live performances that are usually going on throughout the streets in this area. 

Botanical Garden 

Around the UC Berkeley campus there are a variety of fun hiking trails and one of those trails can lead you to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the gorgeous flowers and plants featured in this beautiful botanical garden. It’s the perfect place to visit if you need an escape from all the classwork and stress plaguing your life at school. 

Golden Gate Park

Another place I’d highly recommend visiting is Golden Gate Park in San Francisco — the park is absolutely stunning.. I love going to the museums, walking around the Japanese Tea Garden and taking in a performance at the theater all located in the main area of Golden Gate Park. This is a super fun place to explore with a variety of fun attractions and yummy food options for everyone to enjoy. 

Whether you’re new to the Berkeley area or have been living here your whole life, there is plenty to do around the city and surrounding areas. I have really grown to love Berkeley and all the fun events it has to offer. I hope these ideas help you cure your boredom and fall in love with this amazing area. 

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2023