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Transfer students in good hands

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

With experience as a chief of staff in both an executive and senate office, Transfer Representative Ashley Tigue has an ambitious policy platform for the next two semesters. The Solano Community College alumna wants to partner with the Transfer Student Center for community outreach, organize networking mixers for transfer students and bring more transfers into ASUC offices. 

In her interview with us, Tigue pointed out that 60 transfer students joined her office to assist her with university affairs, transfer training, resources for reentry students and assistance for formerly incarcerated students. 

These goals of networking and community outreach seem feasible, but they will depend on Tigue’s communication and advocacy abilities. 

However, Tigue’s most notable goal is passing the Strengthening Transfer Representation on Necessary Grounds Act, which would elevate her office into the exclusive club of executive officials. 

The office of the Transfer Student Representative stands at a unique and awkward intersection between the ASUC’s executive branch and senate. She is neither a senator nor an executive official, but represents the interests of 20% of the student population. Receiving more than 4,000 votes in the 2023 ASUC election, the Transfer Rep wields the same voting power and fiduciary responsibility as a senator — making Tigue essentially a 21st senator.

Tigue said however, because the current bylaws gives her office a senator’s budget, representing a larger, diverse community of transfer students is more challenging. We agree, especially since every transfer candidate for the ASUC Senate lost, making Tigue the lone transfer voice of the senate. 

In light of this, Tigue’s most notable goal is passing the Strengthening Transfer Representation on Necessary Grounds Act, which would elevate her office to executive status. Tigue remains optimistic that this new class of ASUC senators will pass the bill and claims that “every senator that I’ve spoken to this year, who knows about the resolution, is in favor.” 

Removing the transfer representative’s senate vote and making the position into an executive office would not seem to make a huge difference in the vote count calculus. According to Tigue, many divisive issues in the ASUC Senate do not seem to be transfer-centric and are not usually determined by a single swing vote. 

Whether or not the ASUC senate passes the bill depends on Tigue and her team’s political maneuvering. If she pushes a once-defeated bill across the finish line, then that may very well be her crowning achievement. 

Though Tigue and her team have an onerous task ahead, we are optimistic. Tigue demonstrated a deep understanding of the inner workings of the ASUC, and has positioned herself to be a driving force for transfer students. That being said, we are confident the transfer community will be in good hands this year.

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2023