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A list of things I'm grateful for

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

Gratitude journaling always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day, which is why I want to make more of an effort to do it daily instead of sporadically. While it’s considered by many to be a solo activity, I find that sharing the things I’m grateful for with my friends and family makes it all the more rewarding — and creates a positive atmosphere in my relationships. So, what better way to spread gratitude and joy than to share with all of you what I’ve been feeling grateful for, whether it’s big or small?

Sunny, warm (but not too hot) weather
Recently, we’ve had a few sweltering days, which makes the cooler days so much sweeter. There have been so many days where the sun is shining brightly, but not beating down on my face — something I revel in during my walks to class and when I tan on the roof of my house.

My friends’ closets
My roommates and housemates have the best sense of style and curated wardrobes, and I get to take whatever I want. Every day when I wake up to choose an outfit, I feel like I’m thrifting in the finest vintage shop I’ve seen in my life.

Honestly, even being able to sleep in the same room as my roommates feels like we’re having a sleepover every night as if we were in middle school again. Nonetheless, having our other housemates over is also the best. Late-night conversations paired with delectable snacks are my absolute favorite.

Long distance friendships
I am so grateful for my friends who don’t go to Berkeley because at random times during the day I’ll rotate who I FaceTime. Whether it’s needing help curating Instagram posts or outfits, I’ll always appreciate the effort they put in — even if they’re located across the country.

My mattress topper
Memory foam. Do I have to say anything else?

My friends’ makeup and hair skills
Similar to my aforementioned appreciation for their closets, I’m not exaggerating when I say literally every one of my friends is talented at and always willing to help do my hair for game day or my makeup for a concert. Nothing says girlhood like sitting in a chair for hours while your friend meticulously does your eyeliner.

Trader Joe’s Crunchy Curls
Again, nothing else to be said. Delicious.

Writing this blog post has honestly put me in such a good mood, which I think speaks to how much gratitude can affect your outlook. Specifically, sharing the things you’re grateful for lets you process and fully appreciate your gratefulness, while also motivating those around you to do the same.

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2023