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It’s just a number

I can’t exactly pinpoint what I thought the outcome of attending Santa Barbara City College for all those years would be, yet starting when I was 18, I managed to be enrolled every fall and spring semester at SBCC, varying between part-time and full-time enrollment.
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Let’s just pretend

Granted I am 19 now and spending my days making fake phone calls to people who don’t exist would certainly raise some valid concerns. But those unburdened years — spent pursuing entirely made-up occupations from the comfort of my living room — seemed valuable to me.
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Sex on Tuesday

Facets and faces

I love sex. I love all its facets and faces, velvet touches and carnal ferocity and gushing wetness. And if I’m not fucking you or you’re not fucking me, then fuck your thoughts on who I am.
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Perfect strangers

Plus it really didn’t seem all that “adultlike” to me, having my parents hang around. In fact, the thought of them being familiar with my friends struck me as rather juvenile.
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