To have your piece considered for publication in The Daily Californian, use this submission form or email your piece to [email protected] The Soapbox is a place for Berkeley residents, UC Berkeley students and Daily Cal staff to write 600-800 word essays about experiences or encounters they’ve had in the city of Berkeley.

The only restriction is that submissions must be tied to Berkeley as a place. We want to hear about how the city has impacted you! Submissions should highlight, through specific personal experience, what it means to be a Berkeley resident. And they should also share some sort of political, social or cultural commentary, forwarding fresh perspectives on the city or the world (similar to Off the Beats but with a strong Berkeley focus).

Not every submission is guaranteed to be published. Pieces that are deemed libelous, racist, sexist, homophobic or highly offensive in any other manner will not print. Content that does not meet our fact-checking standards will also not print. All content publishes at the discretion of the opinion editor. We reserve the right to edit all material in accordance with our editorial standards. Thank you for your interest in the opinion section!

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