Crazy Heart

With his debut feature 'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil,' Eli Craig crafts a buoyant, genre-bending tribute to slasher cinema.

“Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” is as much about genre as it isn’t. In this hillbilly horror show, director Eli Craig pays respect to knowledgeable midnight moviegoers while also grinding their expectations into a bloody pulp. Comic actors Alan Tudyk (who we all remember as the naked guy on acid
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TV Land: The Life and Death of Saturday Night Live

The year was 1975. The country, still a fresh-faced youth barely 200 years old, was experiencing perhaps its proudest moment in history — the Watergate scandal. Everyone’s favorite lady-in-a-dress-touching-letters game show, “Wheel of Fortune,” premiered on NBC and, according to Wikipedia, my new favorite Great Lakes region orchestra, the Chippewa
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Notes from the Underground

2011 Oakland Underground Film Festival

“You are the underground,” declared the emcee of the 2011 Oakland Underground Film Festival to a small audience of film lovers, performers and a few canine friends intimately huddled in an East Oakland warehouse. In its third year, the festival has become not only a place to celebrate offbeat cinema,
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DJ Shadow: The Less You Know, the Better

Only putting out one album every few years is a risky move. The artist has more time to perfect his work, but that doesn’t make a record immune to negative reception. DJ Shadow should have learned this when his 2006 album The Outsider received universally poor reviews. Yet the San
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Chickenfoot: Chickenfoot III

The feathery supergroup Chickenfoot are back with more classic rock grooves. Deciding to skip the numeral II altogether, Chickenfoot III exudes the ’70s and ’80s ideals of big, loud guitars, harmonizing backing vocals and a gruff, husky singer. Despite the fact that the tracks on Chickenfoot’s latest offering suggest a
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All Quiet on the Eastern Front

With the monumental 'City of Life and Death,' Lu Chuan crafts an affecting cinematic canvas of wartime brutality

Shells fly, walls crumble and bodies fall in the first 25 minutes of “City of Life and Death,” Lu Chuan’s monumental account of the Japanese occupation of Nanjing in 1937. Shot in stately chiaroscuro, the sequence recalls the scope of Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica”: Chaos reigns as a once-proud national capital
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TV Land: The Apathy of the Emmys

There were so many better things to do on Sunday night than watch the Emmys. I had homework, there was a Choco Taco in the freezer ready to be devoured and it was high time I showed the spider making its home in my room who was boss. I live
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