‘Orange is the New Black’ is arrestingly funny

Jenji Kohan has it on lock with follow-up to 'Weeds'

“Women in television” — and, particularly, the “Can women be funny?” question — is a very tired conversation now. It’s been done and dissected, and now, it should be put in the kitchen, where it can keep silent and make me sandwiches. And yet it keeps cropping up because, joking
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The Jonas Brothers: burnin’ out?

Boy band struggles to find mature voice, falls flat live

The facts are these. On the night of Tuesday, August 13, 2013, I went to a Jonas Brothers concert. I am 23 years old. I have seen every Jonas Brothers music video, I have (with one of my best friends) watched every episode of their short-lived Disney Channel sitcom and,
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‘Lovelace’ doesn’t go deep enough

Film about porn fails to penetrate

Like a lot of porn, Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s “Lovelace” is anticlimactic, aimless and extremely unsexy. The film follows the young Linda Boreman (Amanda Seyfried), better known as “Linda Lovelace,” who left her repressive Catholic parents (played by Robert Patrick and Sharon Stone, unrecognizable in an excellent yet entirely
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Nun who kissed Elvis Presley writes autobiography

Somewhere in a cloister, there is a nun who kissed Elvis Presley. There must be some people in the world who live a life without surprises. Most of us, however, find that life unfolds in ways we never expected, showing us that absolutely anything is possible. Mother Dolores Hart of
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‘Elysium’ looks pretty, lacks depth

The last time we saw Neill Blomkamp, he was fresh off the success of “District 9,” the 2009 summer sleeper hit that combined slick visuals and action with biting social commentary. Four years ago seems like an awfully long time. “Elysium” is a good movie the same way “Twilight” is
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Outside Lands Preview

If you would like to see live performances and interviews of the three bands down below, please check out our multimedia page. Now in its sixth year, the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is once again about to take over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Much like you don’t
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AlunaGeorge: Body Music

Fall in love and move your body to AlunaGeorge's 'Body Music'

In a January 2013 interview with The Guardian, Aluna Francis, the vocal half of the electronic pop duo AlunaGeorge, described their music as “fat beats with songs on top.” After the duo’s 2012 debut EP, You Know You Like It, Francis’ description was accurate, but following the drop of their
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Summer street style

Berkeley students flaunt fashions unabashedly expressive of their personality

The Daily Cal arts staff searched the Berkeley campus for summer looks that capture the distinct individuality of our student body. As temperatures soar, tank tops can be tempting, but these trendsetters embrace any chance to express themselves. First photo: After picking it up recently at a flea market, Woodrow considers
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