Women on the verge

Chick flick and dick flick have spawned an unlikely progeny: With Paul Feig’s “Bridesmaids,” the trappings of the typical female-geared genre (you know, weddings and women) and dude-oriented entertainment (bodily fluids) merge to produce a movie that, in its execution, is much more than the sum of its parts. Paul
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SFIFF: Continued Coverage

Steve Coogan, The New York Times and a 17th-century French novel are just some of the latest from the San Francisco International Film Festival

The Children of the Princess of Cleves “The Children of the Princess of Cleves” beautifully focuses on a high school class in Marseille, France studying a classical French novel. Using the novel’s themes of social politics, Regis Sauder’s documentary provides touching insight into each student’s struggle and search for identity.While
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Fleet Foxes bring a flawless intimacy to the Fox Theater

Nature has never sounded so exciting as when Fleet Foxes delighted fans at the Fox Theater with their elegant, aural depictions of blue-ridged mountains and nostalgic rivers. Frenzied but at-ease, the Seattle-based sextet was the perfect picture of harmonious dichotomy, filling the air with a complex arrangement of instruments while
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Doctor Strange

From the mundane to the majestic, Stephen Parr — owner of the largest film archive in Northern California - lives and breathes cinema.

Oddball Film+Video, the largest film archive in Northern California, is tucked away in a warehouse in the Mission District. Venture down a dark street lined with auto repair shops, and you’ll come across an open door leading to a staircase that is lit only by a bare light bulb. At
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After outstanding year, Stone Foxes look to Outside Lands

One of the best parts of attending San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is discovering up-and-coming bands. This summer, the Stone Foxes will exchange confined clubs for the open fields of the festival, as they entice crowds with twangy riffs and ’60s and ’70s crunch. The promising Bay
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Things Fall Apart

Isabelle Huppert stars in 'White Material,' Claire Denis's turbulent portrait of post-colonial Africa

A specter haunts the African continent in “White Material,” Claire Denis’ savage rumination on the clash between developing societies and their bourgeoisie occupants. In the vein of Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” the film probes the convoluted legacy of European colonial heritage with remarkable panache. A radical departure from the
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