Photo of a trash heap

A losing team’s merch: Sports consumerism feeds international landfills

Prevailing lines of thought in the United States often dissuade critical thinking — after all, isn’t “charity” a good thing? But the dark underbelly of American consumerism operates in the dark, hiding beneath notions of charity or international aid. It’s a virtually invisible market, far out of sight and out of mind for the vast majority of American sports fans.
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photo of Bengals players

The Cincinnati Bengals are this year’s worst to 1st

The Bengals got it on lock, man. Their game against the Jets on Sunday was an unpredictable turn of events during an otherwise highly successful early-season run. Many games this season have gone in completely unexpected directions like this one, but it still doesn’t fail to surprise fans every time
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photo of tennis rackets

Grand Slam money problems

It may sound ridiculous to say that tennis players deserve to earn more money, as top players usually make millions, but low-ranked tennis players don’t have it so easy.
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