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Not Dead Yet.

Dead Week Fall 2015

How screwed are you for finals?

We’re all well-acquainted with the feeling of stomach-dropping panic that comes along with every big exam. The mantra “I’m screwed for this test” has been echoed in every study session, floor lounge and reserved room in Main Stacks, if not since the beginning of time itself, then at least since
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Clog’s declassified RRR Week survival guide

The week before finals week is the week we’ve all been waiting for – RRR Week. To make sure we don’t risk the possibility of dying of too much stress, caffeine or alcohol, we at the Clog sat down to think of every important thing we must consider to survive this week
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Reasons why we’re counting down to break

Thanksgiving break gave us a tiny taste of what winter break will be like, and now we’re anticipating the end of finals like never before. The thought of winter break is sweeter than the pumpkin pie you had last week. Here are some winter break things we’re daydreaming about in the
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