Illustration of two people embracing each other

Why we should be proud of ourselves

The ending of my freshman year was about as anticlimactic as me closing my laptop, but I did feel slightly relieved that a part of it was over. Yet with this relief, I realized that one crucial emotion was missing: pride.
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Photo of Cal Baseball

Why I love baseball games even though I don’t like baseball

Walking into Dodger Stadium on a warm summer night has to be one of my favorite feelings in the whole world. I love the rush of being with thousands of die-hard fans, yelling and cheering, everyone excited to see the beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. From the overpriced food to the bright splashes of blue scattered everywhere, the atmosphere is unmatchable. I walk into the stadium and suddenly I have an inexplicable sense that I would legitimately die for this team.
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photo of someone flipping through a book

I joined a book exchange: You should too!

It’s so easy to go on Oprah’s Book Club list or The New York Times Best Sellers to pick out your next read, but receiving people’s favorite books opened me up to so many reads I would have otherwise never come across. Next time you see a book exchange on someone’s Instagram story or on a Facebook page, make sure you opt in!
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