Vote ‘yes’ on the Daily Cal Initiative

Since 2012, The Daily Californian has found greater financial stability (despite the volatile landscape known as the journalism industry) through UC Berkeley campus fees. These fees, which started with the passing of the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative in 2012 followed by the passing of the current Ink Initiative in 2016, were approved
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Notice: Ink Initiative oversight committee

When the Ink Initiative was passed by the student body in 2016, it included the following language: “An oversight committee will meet at least two times a year to examine the fee money’s allocation and to produce an annual report to the Chancellor, ASUC, and public. The oversight committee will
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Infographic depicting information from The Daily Californian's fall 2020 hiring report

The Daily Californian releases fall 2020 hiring demographics

In June, The Daily Californian reaffirmed its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. This is an ongoing commitment, one that must take priority in every aspect of our organization, including recruitment. Part of this is being transparent and continuing to release our hiring demographics every fall and spring.  We received
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