Infographic depicting rankings of Trader Joe's dips

Taste-testing and ranking popular Trader Joe’s dips

With relatively affordable prices and a short walk from campus, Trader Joe’s is where UC Berkeley students probably spend a fair amount of time conducting grocery hauls. It’s easy to feel like a kid in a candy store, browsing all the different aisles and niche goodies in stock. Trader Joe’s boasts a variety of dips and sauces that can elevate any meal, making it more flavorful and exciting without breaking the bank. I decided to ask a few of my family and friends what their favorite vegan dips were and rate them in a taste test!  
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Photo of Oyster Omelette

Top Taiwanese savory street foods to explore

My hot take for the day is that savory foods are arguably more delicious than desserts. To prove it to you, I am back with a savory food edition of Taiwanese street foods after previously sharing my favorite street food desserts. Although some of these might sound unappetizing at first, I hope you’ll give them a chance.
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