Traditional Taiwanese dessert street food

photo of a food market
IronyPoisoning/Creative Commons

“Food is where the heart is” has always been one of my favorite quotes, as it really does seem to be true for everyone, regardless of who and where they are from. As a Taiwanese-American who lived on the island for eight years, street markets have always been my second home. Even though it has been years since I lived there, the food from those night markets still holds a special place in my heart, as it reminds me of my childhood. Here are three of my favorite desserts, reminiscent of those nights.
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The Clog’s power ranking of meat substitutes

photo of sliced tempeh
FotoosVanRobin/Creative Commons

As a vegan of almost five years, I’ve come across a variety of different forms of meat substitutes. They made my transition into a plant-based diet easier as they satisfied my cravings for beef and chicken. I’ve eaten some substitutes that taste like the real thing, but there are many that don’t cut it. Because of my expertise as a long-term vegan, I’ve compiled a list of the definitive ranking of different meat substitutes on the market from worst to best.
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