Simple, healthy tomato appetizers

Whenever I am tasked with cooking a fancy meal, I always check for tomatoes in the fridge, because a tomato with a bit of touch up can never go wrong as an appetizer. These tomato dishes (or plates) are super simple and healthy yet fancy to make for any formal or informal event, including a romantic dinner or a quick hearty snack.
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photo of chawan-mushi dish

Steamed egg: A staple side dish in Asian cuisine

Warm, smooth and savory, steamed egg is a popular side dish in many Asian countries such as Japan (referred to as chawanmushi), Korea (gyeranjjim) and China (zheng dan). Although it may look complicated, it’s actually a simple dish and can be made by a beginner. Moreover, the dish is versatile and can be easily tailored based on one’s own preferences. Here’s how you can make it in no time! 
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Infographic depicting ways to improve instant ramen

Elevate your instant ramen with these creative tips

Instant ramen is a staple for every college student, but what should you do when you have 10 packs of instant ramen left and you’re tired of eating the same thing over and over again? Well, fear not! The Clog’s got your back with some creative ways you can elevate your ramen game.
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