Dan Quayle Lives!

Well, in reality, every copy editor’s favorite vice president never died, but the menu excerpt that appears below would make him proud:

un- “accepts” -able

At the Daily Cal’s night desk, we find grammatical errors simply unacceptable. So while this restaurant may not “accepts” checks, we sure do hope they’ll at least consider some lessons in proofreading.

“to” many mistakes

This screenshot depicts the simple error of the usage of “too” v. “to.” It is surprising how such a simple mistake can make it onto the television screen!

Serve Thyself

The hot bar at Whole Foods is a little selfish, it seems. Unlike the selfless (and correctly labeled) self-serve hot bar next to it, this one is only interested in serving itself. And it wants you to know that. Oh, what a difference a “d” can make.


These guys seem to have already gotten their drink on before putting up this sign!

Braeknig Nwes (spelling still counts)

It’s funny how speed has triumphed over accuracy. But you didn’t confrim your spelling, did ya? Plus: (thanks to http://tumblr.thedailywh.at/post/5123751144/terrible-typo-of-the-day-i-was-wondering-who) Even the reporter looks confused. Plus: Proper possessive apostrophes are still necessary, and I would say sounding good overall is pretty important – no matter how breaking the news. Plus: This isn’t
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