Illustration of Obama, Mother Teresa, and oxford comma

The case against the Oxford comma

While the Oxford comma is technically grammatically correct, it is most often unnecessary and pointless. Thus, writers and editors should eliminate the comma unless it’s absolutely essential for comprehension.
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Illustration of fonts as buffet style foods

Just our type

Typography plays an important role in journalism. While newspaper typefaces may not seem as exciting as the content itself, they are a mode of creative communication. The very curvature, shape and aesthetic of letters are often and understandably overlooked; the extent of the writing’s impact is usually contemplated through word choice and diction. From a visual perspective, however, the font is foundational; a paper’s main objective is to deliver information efficiently, and an effective message is elevated by clear design.
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A Golden Bear sits in an office with several degrees on the wall for various languages.

Merci beaucoup, Madame Lacascade

Between the grammatical corrections and point deductions, Madame Lacascade always managed to squeeze in an “excellent sentence” or a coveted “très bien.” Through her own indisputable passion, she instilled in me not only a love of French but one of language itself.
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