January 2018 in 14 photos

Lianne Frick/File

The first month of 2018 has come to a close; here are photos from The Daily Californian’s photo staff that capture the major stories in Berkeley this January. First sales of recreational marijuana in Berkeley usher in ‘whole new era’ Mikki Norris, right, and her husband Chris Conrad are longtime marijuana advocates
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We’ve Moved!

Check out the Daily Cal Photo Staff’s blog! It features pictures from all of our photographers, as well as links to their personal websites and portfolio work. Follow us to keep up with our work as we cover concerts, local events, and more. http://takingshotsdc.tumblr.com/

Photographer Spotlight: Rashad Sisemore, Day 4

In today’s post I will continue to share some more of my travel photography. Whenever I am traveling I don’t like carrying a lot of gear, and I find that most times your restricted with your gear in terms of space and weight in your travel bags anyways. Currently, I
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Photographer Spotlight: Andrew Kuo, Day 2

As mentioned earlier, this week I will be going through some of my past archives and posting some of my ancient work – to try to show what one can do with different sorts of cameras. Nowadays, everyone is running around with a DSLR, but do they really need all
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Photographer Spotlight: Rashad Sisemore, Day 1

Hello, my name is Rashad Sisemore and this week I will be sharing with you some of my work outside of the Daily Cal. I’m a fourth year student studying Peace & Conflict studies, and come from a small town up in northern California called Willits. Whenever I am not
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Photographer Spotlight: Andrew Kuo, Day 1

Courtesy/Veronica Chou Hello. My name is Andrew Kuo, I’m a third year mechanical engineering major, and this week I have the honor of writing for this photo blog. I hope you find my posts interesting and insightful. I started shooting pictures when I was in elementary school through an old
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Photographer Spotlight: Edwin Cho, Day 5

Today is my last day on the blog. First of all, I wanted to thank you all for checking it out and I hope you enjoyed it! Now, onto today’s content. As I talked about in my first post, I do some strobist photography, which is what I’ll be sharing
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Photographer Spotlight: Edwin Cho, Day 4

Hey! I’m nearing the end of my week, but I still have photos to share with you! Today I’ll showcase some of my concert photography. Music is one of my biggest passions besides photography, so music photography was a no brainer for me. It puts two of my biggest loves
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