Falling way in love with Galway, Ireland

From the moment I hopped off the plane at Dublin Airport (with a dream and my raincoat), I knew I loved Ireland. No, it wasn’t only because I was unhealthily obsessed with Niall Horan in eighth grade, because I had just watched season one of “Derry Girls” or because Saoirse Ronan is one of my favorite actresses.
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Utrecht, I love you

“Nothing bad happens here, it’s completely safe,” my friends and I say as we complain about our home country. But, on Monday about 10:35 a.m., something unbelievable happened.
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A much-needed weekend escape to Santa Cruz

Amid all of these responsibilities, it is important to escape even for just a weekend to places we haven’t explored before. So instead of exploring a new library on campus or trying out a new coffee shop, I decided to go to Santa Cruz in the hopes of relieving some stress and visiting a place I hadn’t been to in years.
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Map of New Mexico showing three national park locations

3 days and 3 worlds in southern New Mexico

Not many southwestern road-trippers take the time or even know to drive just a bit more southeast into New Mexico. By adding just a few more days to your road trip, you’ll encounter landscapes of rolling white sand dunes, deep caves that host underground ecosystems and vast canyons along the Texas border.
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Nightlife and coastlines: A local’s guide to Los Cabos

Renowned for its sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife, Los Cabos is a favorite destination for spring breakers and families alike. While most people often find themselves sticking to the touristy areas, you’ll find yourself experiencing Los Cabos like a true local with this guide!
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Snow falls over a natural landscape in Utah.

4 days in Utah

Waking up early, 18-degree weather, frozen roads, overfilled coffee mugs and a full tank of gas: the beginning of a four-day road trip through Utah. On the agenda were three famous national parks: Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion.
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