Elections Opinions

2801 days ago
Sucharitha Yelimeli/Staff

Save the people lost in the statistics

Mr. President, congratulations. Be you Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney or even as of this writing undetermined, you have a busy and difficult term to look forward to. This will not be an average presidency, and the choices you make over the next four years will have great influence on the
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Election will have powerful impact on UC

With state funding accounting for only about 11 percent of UC Berkeley’s operating budget in the 2011-12 academic year, a question arises as to what, exactly, defines a public university. We believe that while sources of revenue are an element of the equation, there are other important attributes that must
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Why Cal students should vote on Election Day

My name is Nadesan Permaul. I teach as adjunct faculty in rhetoric and political science and until last year was a career administrator at UC Berkeley. Iarrived on the campus in the fall of 1967 as a freshman and have been privileged to be part of this community since then.
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Save the future of higher education

On Oct. 4, 2012, Cal Berkeley Democrats endorsed Proposition 30 without a single voice in opposition. While Prop. 30 is not flawless, we firmly believe that Californians, and especially California’s students, cannot afford to vote no on Proposition 30. The UC Board of Regents of the University of California have
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Protect the infrastructure in the city from further damage

Potholes and sewers. Flash floods and stormwater. For students with busy schedules, these topics are probably not the first thing on your mind. Problems with the city of Berkeley’s street and storm sewer infrastructure, however, could make them all too familiar. Bike along Shattuck Avenue and you’ll notice a maze
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Brown’s sketchy proposition manipulates students’ fears

Young people are determined to make their voices heard in the upcoming November election on the issue of ever-increasing costs of higher education.  The ASUC has already helped register thousands of current UC Berkeley students to vote, stressing the importance of one major ballot initiative: Proposition 30. However, any student
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Choose a progressive affordable housing rent board slate

The race between the two competing slates for Berkeley’s Rent Board is remniscient of of the presidential contest, with Tenants United for Fairness claiming they’re for “transparency” and “fiscal responsibility,” but with only one slate with the experience and conviction to provide you fair rents and eviction protections. The Progressive
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Students will finally have a voice

Imagine a student on the City Council, adjudicating and legislating on key issues such as housing, sustainability and development. His or her mandate: Heed students’ voices, bring them to the city government and ensure that students’ needs are finally reflected in city policy. Such a dream may be much closer
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