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Our Endorsements
By Senior Editorial Board


Midterm elections are historically ignored by voters, as evidenced by low turnout rates. Yet elections are no less important during midterm years.

In Tuesday’s election, voters can reshape the dynamics of the Berkeley City Council, which has final say on many of the city’s most important issues. Voters can also approve two historic measures: the first soda tax by a city in the United States and the first student-majority district in Berkeley.

At the state and national levels, incumbents Gov. Jerry Brown and Rep. Barbara Lee will almost certainly be re-elected. But this election is important for popular politicians because it gives voters a chance to critique their missteps.

The following are the endorsements of The Daily Californian’s Senior Editorial Board. As part of our decision-making process, we sat down with each candidate up for local election. For all ballot initiatives and candidates running for state and national office, we consulted information from campaign websites, fliers, the official voter information guide and nonpartisan websites.

While we are confident in our selections, we encourage you to do the same research before you vote Tuesday. The decisions you make will shape the future of our city, county, state and nation.