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2152 days ago

Dear governor: It’s your last term, make it count

Dear Gov. Brown, Congratulations. Being governor of one of the largest and the most populated states in the nation, one with a rich history of leading the way in countless policy issues, is no easy task. Although we seem to have survived the worst of the recession, neither economists nor
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Why students should support Berkeley Measure R

Measure R builds on eight years of community process by providing the legal language to realize the vision of our Downtown Area Plan and close loopholes that have allowed corporate developers to get out of promised community and environmental benefits, including increased affordable housing, fair wages for workers and higher green-building requirements.
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Vote no on Measure R: the anti-green measure

Ballot initiatives and laws often have misleading names. Anyone can call anything a “green” initiative. The people who wrote Measure R may sincerely believe this initiative will make Berkeley more livable and environmentally friendly, but they are wrong.
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YES on 45: Stop health insurance company rip-offs

Health insurance companies need these false mouthpieces and misinformation because they know the public will support Prop 45 when they learn insurance companies oppose it and it will stop the health insurance ripoffs. Why else would health insurance companies be spending tens of millions to defeat Prop 45?
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Turn out for democracy

As students and as voters, we have the opportunity to change society how we see fit. We are learned in theories of just, efficient and safe societies, and we are given the right to direct our world toward those goals. If we don’t turn out, society’s fate will be decided by those who do.
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Vote no on Proposition 1

Proposition 1 is an unconscionable money-grab that protects water-sucking corporate agriculture at the expense of California taxpayers to the detriment of all of our state’s 38 million residents — especially those who are most threatened by the drought.
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