Gary Taubes explains the Nutrition Science Initiative

Health journalist Gary Taubes discusses the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), which he co-founded with Peter Attia, M.D. Taubes says some of the research on nutrition is ambiguous, and that NuSI will determine what is still an open question and help organize new experiments.

Occupy Rosh Hashana: Protest in Berkeley

Members of the Jewish community held a protest in Downtown Berkeley on Monday September 17th called Occupy Rosh Hashana. The protest marked the one year anniversary of Occupy Berkeley and was held on the Jewish new year.

Solano Stroll

Watch a video of the Solano Stroll in Berkeley on Sunday, September 9, 2012.

Last Sundays Festival on Telegraph

On Sunday, August 26, the world came together on Telegraph Avenue for a day of crafts, indie bands, and fun. It was free and for all ages. Watch a video of the festive day.

Berkeley High’s newspaper addresses budget cuts

Berkeley High School’s student newspaper, The Berkeley High Jacket, will face severe reductions beginning in the fall semester, including fewer staff members and print issues. Because the faculty advisor of the newspaper took on an increased course load, the amount of students who can participate in the journalism class responsible
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