Skating Berkeley

Tony Hawk visits the Lawrence Hall of Science for a skateboarding physics exhibit and local skaters recount their experiences with skateboarding in Berkeley, CA.

Transit of Venus

The transit of Venus on Tuesday delighted both astronomers and enthusiasts alike.  This was the last chance for many to view a transit of Venus with the next one predicted to occur in 2117. The celestial phenomenon was barely visible to the unaided human eye (using adequate protection from the
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16th Annual Chocolate and Chalk Festival

The sidewalks along North Shattuck Ave. in the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley were filled with chalk artists of all ages during the 16th annual Chocolate and Chalk Festival on Saturday, June 2. With no fees to artists, areas of sidewalk are assigned to participants to create their own chalk drawings.
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Solar Eclipse

A rare annular solar eclipse occurred on Sunday, in which the moon blocked most of the sun, creating a ring effect as the sun’s outer ring remained visible behind the moon’s silhouette. These photos were taken in Redding, California.

John Yoo Protest at Boalt Commencement

Protesters gather for a demonstration against faculty member John Yoo at the commencement ceremony for the Boalt School of Law on Friday, April 11th. Orange ribbons were worn by attendees and graduates alike as a show of solidarity with the protest.

Death at Unit 2

On the night of Tuesday, May 8th, police officers responded to Towle Hall in Unit 2 after receiving reports that a UC Berkeley student who has been identified as sophomore Henry Treadway fell from a window.