John Yoo Protest at Boalt Commencement

Protesters gather for a demonstration against faculty member John Yoo at the commencement ceremony for the Boalt School of Law on Friday, April 11th. Orange ribbons were worn by attendees and graduates alike as a show of solidarity with the protest.

Compiling the Programmers: A look at EECS at Cal

Computer science is a field that attracts many young students, who are interested in the rapid advancement of science and technology. Despite the genuine passion that they have, students in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) field are often looked at as nerdy and antisocial by the rest of
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Death at Unit 2

On the night of Tuesday, May 8th, police officers responded to Towle Hall in Unit 2 after receiving reports that a UC Berkeley student who has been identified as sophomore Henry Treadway fell from a window.

Hip Hop in the Park

Scenes from Hip Hop in the Park, a music festival in People’s Park on May 5, 2012.

Naked Run

The naked run, started by Lothlorien co-op, is a semesterly tradition which occurs during dead week in which students gather in the stairwell of Moffit and run naked through the Main Stacks.

PODCAST: ASUC Semester In Review

Listen to Spring 2012 University News Editor J.D. Morris talk with ASUC reporter Chloe Hunt about the spring semester, party dynamics in the student senate, a larger-than-usual election, and the controversy surrounding the two ballot initiatives, VOICE and the Class Pass.

Occupy the Farm

Members of the Occupy Movement have started a community farm on UC owned research land.