UC Berkeley LGBTQ+ staff, faculty reflect on their queer journeys

Photo of UC Berkeley campus
David McAllister/Staff
UC Berkeley faculty spoke about their experiences as LGBTQ+ members. From recalling what it was like to be LGBTQ+ in the early 2000s to current experiences, UC Berkeley faculty also spoke about the thinning diversity at Berkeley and its relation to the rising cost of living.

Paola Bacchetta, a gender and women’s studies professor, remembers what it was like to be the only out lesbian of color faculty on campus when she first started teaching at UC Berkeley in 2003.
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Infographic depicting archive records of campus's LGBTQ+ history

‘Gay Bears!’: Online archive chronicles UC Berkeley LGBTQ+ history

Former campus archivist William Benemann was going through the Social Protest Collection in the Bancroft Library when he came across a mimeographed form from 1970 written by campus’s Gay Students Union. The form asked former California governor Ronald Reagan to attend the first openly-gay dance on campus after he told a KQED reporter that he hadn’t been invited.
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