UC professional schools seek to ease student financial burden

Due to a sudden increase in systemwide student fees, several professional schools at campuses throughout the University of California are seeking ways to help ease the financial burden and anxiety of their students. Last week, both UC Berkeley and UCLA’s law schools announced that they will offer scholarships to their
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Brown signs first part of state DREAM Act into law

Gov. Jerry Brown signed one part of the California DREAM Act — which will provide increased financial aid for undocumented students — into law Monday at a town hall hosted by the bill’s author. AB 130 — which was authored by state Assemblymember Gilbert Cedillo, D-Los Angeles — was passed
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Data show increasing safety on city streets

Over the past few years, Berkeley streets have become increasingly safe to walk on during the summer. Since 2009, Part I crimes  — which include both violent crimes such as homicide, rape and aggravated assault and property crimes — in Berkeley have had an overall decreasing trend in the summer
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Berkeley Artists Color Telegraph Avenue

Artists and craftsmen have defined Berkeley’s community for years. The Daily Cal hits the streets to get the scoop on how they chose Telegraph Avenue as their creative sweet spot.

UC Berkeley class seeks to aid expatriate spouses

A new class at UC Berkeley seeks to help spouses of international students, postdoctoral scholars and researchers more easily transition into American life. The class, called “Creating a Fulfilling Life in America,” came to campus in May and aids expatriate spouses as they transition to living in the United States.
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City medical cannabis commission to develop policy guidelines

At the oft-delayed first meeting of the city’s reconstituted Medical Cannabis Commission Thursday, commission members made it clear they plan to develop guidelines for local medical marijuana policies in the interest of cannabis patients, despite unfavorable signals regarding marijuana from the federal government. The commission is charged with establishing a
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Student protester begins formal trial proceedings

After nearly eight months of conferences and negotiations with district authorities, UC Berkeley student Eric-Michael Wilson, who faces misdemeanor charges for his involvement in protests during the November 2010 University of California Board of Regents meeting, began formal trial proceedings Friday. Wilson faces one count of assaulting an officer, two
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