The right to be seen

Cal in Color

Often, after easing into conversation with an American, I’ve suddenly been asked where I’m “really” from. Sometimes, they begin guessing what kind of Asian I am, like it’s a game, or they immediately assume that I’m Chinese just because I’m Asian.
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Illustration of an office with a malignant force watching

Stand up for whistleblowers: Reporters’ records are not up for grabs

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: To protect freedom of the press, the Department of Justice must be held accountable for its actions.

The actions of the DOJ set a disturbing precedent for local newsrooms that likely won’t have resources for litigation. If local or national governments demanded email logs or phone records of a small-scale paper, it might have no choice but to oblige.
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The birding bubble

Human Nature

It’s almost as if draping a binocular strap over your shoulders marked you as a member of an exclusive club, and in some ways, maybe it did.
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Walking slowly

Create to Connect

It’s not always about going faster. Slowing down meant I heard the swaying grass, noticed the colorful beetle and had ample breath to converse with my crew.
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Embracing Disability

While I might be away from home, let me make one thing clear: I am not on vacation. This is still my life, in a different location, with a slightly different schedule.
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