photo of Lisi Ludwig

Going to the dentist

Off the Beat

And so at the very same time, things seemed to be the way they’d always been. Returning only reacquainted me with the rules and rituals.
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How pop culture can save our planet

Following and showing interest in popular culture has given me many friendships to cherish and instilled a sense of belonging in me. According to Tim Delaney, “popular culture appeals to people because it provides opportunities for both individual happiness and communal bonding,” while also “forging a sense of identity which
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photo of columnist Moideen Moidunny

The revival of Moideen

Cal in Color

As “Deen,” I no longer had to be the ambassador for my name’s origin. I could just be an “American,” freed from the shackles of my name’s uniqueness in this country.
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To the dearest

Your Secret Admirer

But you’ll learn that the best way to foster human connection is to just put yourself out there, among other humans.
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