Professional purgatory

To the Left

My family sees a finance career as something that will keep me content because it’ll bring financial comfort. But I want more than comfort; I want happiness
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Illustration of four AC Transit buses driving around Telegraph, with two of the buses bearing the labels "COVID SAFE" and "ZERO EMISSION".

How to save AC Transit

Buses are the linchpin to ensuring that we stop global warming, stop rising inequality and get people where they need to go safely.
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Finding my way home

Impulsive Coward

Each small risk at a time, though, I’ve learned that finding “home” is all about improvising and redefining my idea of it. 
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‘Dirty’ lesbian

Thinking Outside the Binary

I couldn’t be a lesbian. Not because I was certain I liked men as well as girls, but because I didn’t want to be treated as less than human.
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To be touch starved

Sex on Tuesday

Being touch starved doesn’t just mean that you aren’t having sex. Sex expires. And often the heat it gives off makes you colder when it’s gone. 
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