A rant to remember

Confessions of a moderator

This, I realized, was a case of doxxing: publishing private and identifying information about a person on the internet.
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Illustration of people waving to each other from windows

Stay inside to help alleviate COVID-19 pandemic

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Social distancing can slow the spread of COVID-19, but young adults seem unbothered by governmental isolation mandates

In an attempt to celebrate a last hurrah, young adults could be jeopardizing the well-being of our most vulnerable populations. 
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As-salaam alaikum everyone

Fresh off the BART

 I’m done conforming. I’m done having people who do nothing to understand my culture claim to represent me. And I don’t think I’m the only one.
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And the world went airborne

Something to write home about

Every day is a ping-pong game with my family back in India about whether or not I should decide to hop on a 22-hour direct flight back home because who knows if it is safe to travel?
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