Berkeley youth climate strike is a fight for our future

Over the past three months, I have worked with a myriad of people, organizations and communities, each one adding a new depth to why I fight and what climate action means to me. But at the end of the day, I fight for my little brother and the millions of other children who are born into a crisis. Their existence is a swirl of climate anxiety and trauma as they question whether they will be able to live a full life. 
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As climate crisis worsens, collective action is our best hope

It also feels incredibly frustrating. I feel surrounded by countless individuals of vast socioeconomic privilege who are motivated purely by self-interest instead of investing in the future of the planet. People with the power to make dramatic structural changes to our energy, food and water systems and ensure a livable future for all people. So where is their sense of urgency?
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Santa Claus is not real

Off the Beat

Santa’s — or rather, my parents’— gift to me was the beginning of a journey to act on my morals, which serve as a true reflection of my identity.
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