Photo of Bianca Lee

Click to make a change

Head in the Cloud

Yet I felt stumped by my online expression of solidarity and questioned whether publicly expressing my thoughts even added anything to the conversation.
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Photo of Merve Ozedmir

The hookup hypocrisy

A Modern Feminist?

As a feminist, I believed in women’s free sexual expression, and that included their participation in the same hookup culture that I had a problem with accepting for myself.
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Illustration of two young Black girls reaching up for equipment representing a STEM education, kept out of their reach

STEMulate her mind

We need more from other Silicon Valley firms and organizations in the Bay Area to address inequalities in STEM education for girls of color.
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Photo of Khristina Holterman

The intimacies of shower sex

Sex on Tuesday

The pure intimacy of sharing a shower can also bring a false kind of connection between two strangers — one that mimics the closeness felt in relationship sex but lacks the deep meaning partners might share.
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Photo of Nicholas Clark

Swallowing my pride


Pride is a political statement. But it’s also more than that. It’s about surviving against the odds. It’s about celebrating and showing support for the LGBTQ+ community.
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Illustration of people building the Berkeley Police Station

Toward a Berkeley where all residents feel safe

CITY AFFAIRS: Recent police reforms in Berkeley mark significant progress in public safety, should be only the beginning of transformative change

Reforming an institution rooted in a legacy of state-sanctioned racial violence will take a paradigm shift, both in police culture and public attitude.
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