Student researchers need a union to win workplace safety

I’m a graduate student researcher at UC Berkeley, and in May 2017, I was burned in a chemical spill in my thesis lab. I received minimal support from UC Berkeley while seeking treatment for and recovering from my injuries, and in the aftermath of the accident, I was shocked to
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I am not what I eat

Off the Beat

I realized that the vegan diet was my vain effort to enact control over myself and my eating habits. Ironically, the more I clung to this sense of control, the more my life began to spiral.
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Photo of Bianca Lee

We’re due for an update

Head in the Cloud

I’m still afraid of the emotional uncertainty that the flow of time brings, but I’d much rather keep moving than be fossilized in the past.
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Photo of Merve Ozedmir

Feminist enough

A Modern Feminist?

The label “feminist,” in my experience, comes with certain expectations. It’s tiring to constantly think to yourself, “Am I feminist enough?”
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Photo of Khristina Holterman

Have a hot girl summer

Sex on Tuesday

When a woman wants to have casual sex, do we need a term for it? Are phrases like “hoe phase” or “hot girl summer” attempts to justify our sex lives?
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