As strong as jade

Your Secret Admirer

Rather than remaining in a single, unyielding form, you have allowed yourself to be reworked and repolished into a new but no less beautiful shape.
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photo of columnist cassandra branch

31 Flavors

Sex on Tuesday

Over time, by choosing to love myself, I have come to see that I’m not responsible for the way that people perceive me.
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photo of Kino Farr

Love at 2nd glance

Love is her eyes in the sun and her hair in the rain. Love is waking up every day and wanting to be a better person — for you and for her.
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Illustration about saving water

CA is in a drought: we can’t ignore it

STATE AFFAIRS: The state is facing an extreme drought, and yet people don’t seem to be talking about what we can and must do to support our communities.

If we’ve learned anything from climate change, it’s that life as we know it will not continue if we don’t take responsibility and reduce its effects.
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