Disrupt NBA games, save the animals

As farms continue to spread diseases such as HPAI, torturing animals and exploiting workers in the process, it is crucial that people take direct action to challenge this violent industry.
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It’s everything

It’s a Chronic Thing

These four words slip past my lips with ease like a reflexive defense mechanism. Attempting to summarize years of anguish to a person I’ve just met meant protecting them as much as myself.
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Photo of Elise Kim

Things YOU didn’t say

Things I Didn't Say

Whether it be pride, or shyness or forgetfulness — or maybe just feeling like there’s no need — giving out compliments can feel harder than it needs to be.
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Do the goggles stay on?

Sex on Tuesday

I don’t ever want to be reduced to how I look — sex just an excuse to see me with my top off, feelings nonexistent and dependent on how often I put out.
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