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AstraZeneca must be held accountable for toxic mess left behind

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Toxic waste from AstraZeneca’s manufacturing plant reveals the dark underbelly of Big Pharma and the agencies we trust to protect us.

The impetus should fall on the multibillion-dollar companies — not host cities — to clean up toxic waste left behind. CEPA and DTSC must hold AstraZeneca accountable and fulfill their commitment to keeping California safe and clean.
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Stand up for whistleblowers: Reporters’ records are not up for grabs

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: To protect freedom of the press, the Department of Justice must be held accountable for its actions.

The actions of the DOJ set a disturbing precedent for local newsrooms that likely won’t have resources for litigation. If local or national governments demanded email logs or phone records of a small-scale paper, it might have no choice but to oblige.
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