Illustration of people walking at a distance, shielding the coronavirus with barriers emitting from their phone.

Don’t get complacent about COVID-19

STATE AFFAIRS: As the COVID-19 case count rises, Californians must recommit to being as safe as possible

Over the past two weeks, the United States has hit higher and higher benchmarks of infections. Yet complacency has become just as infectious as COVID-19.
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Illustration of Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín.

Vote Jesse Arreguín for Berkeley mayor

CITY AFFAIRS: Here is The Daily Californian's 2020 endorsement for mayor of the city of Berkeley

Arreguín has served as mayor with respect and awareness, and he will only improve to better support the city of Berkeley.
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Illustration of presidential candidate and American politician Joe Biden.

Vote Joe Biden for US president

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Donald Trump is dangerous for American democracy. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Biden and Harris’ election at this unprecedentedly chaotic juncture is of the utmost importance for the preservation of American democracy.
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