Illustration depicting pedestrian friendly Telegraph

Students must get involved in plans to transform Telegraph Avenue

COMMUNITY AFFAIRS AFFAIRS: The city of Berkeley has committed to taking climate action, and prioritizing pedestrians and busses on Telegraph Avenue is an important step in this direction.

The city of Berkeley must follow through with its plans to incentivize walking, biking and using public transit throughout the city.
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Illustration about Barrows Hall

Campus must be proactive in addressing legacies of white supremacy

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: Despite unnaming Krober Hall and Barrows Hall, campus failed to follow through by removing work by these scholars from an exhibit celebrating the South and Southeast Asian community.

Only by openly admitting and reflecting on past mistakes can we move forward to create the campus students have desperately been demanding for years. 
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Illustration about Covid policy

Campus COVID-19 policies need some mending

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: UC Berkeley pandemic policies rely too heavily on high vaccination rates and self-directed testing.

It’s unfair and unrealistic to expect busy students to navigate the nuances of pandemic safety and responsibility without clear direction from UC Berkeley.
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Illustration about SVSH

University of California must do more to support SVSH survivors

UC AFFAIRS: While limited in ways it can amend its SVSH policies due to federal law, there are steps the University of California and campus can and must take to remedy the reporting current process.

The university and campus are in many ways constrained by federal law, but this isn’t an excuse to do anything but make absolutely clear it will prioritize survivors. 
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Illustration of a man juggling many things

Mayor Jesse Arreguín shares policy priorities and challenges

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín spoke on housing, the People’s Park development project, education reform and more in conversation with The Daily Californian.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín was overwhelmingly voted in to his second term in office, and while The Daily Californian endorsed him in 2020, nobody is perfect.
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