Illustration of several young adults helping along an elderly Asian-American person as they walk through the streets

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders need our support

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: We must continue to confront anti-Asian racism, even after COVID-19 begins to fade from our collective memory

Because the AAPI community is often wrongly assumed to be a relatively privileged monolith, the particular challenges faced by ethnic subgroups have been consistently minimized. But that doesn’t mean they do not exist.
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Illustration of a map of the West Berkeley shellmound, with a hand trying to pull away the map from others

Preserve and restore West Berkeley Shellmound and Village Site

CITY AFFAIRS: Immeasurable cultural, religious significance of shellmound to Ohlone people should be reason enough to halt plans for development

Affordable housing can be built elsewhere; a 5000-year-old Indigenous burial site cannot. Ardent protest from Ohlone activists and allies has made this abundantly clear.
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Photo of ASUC Executive Candidates

2021 ASUC elections endorsements

For many UC Berkeley students, the status quo on campus is not one they want to return to when in-person instruction resumes next fall. If campus is to be rebuilt with the best interest of all students in mind, the student body will need strong representatives with specific, imaginative and feasible goals.
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