Illustration of Dr. Michael Drake, incoming UC president

Drake must prioritize equity, accessibility

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: Incoming UC president Michael Drake must work to address UC failures of adequate representation, compensation

Michael Drake will need to ensure UC workers and students always come before considerations of power, wealth or prestige.
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Illustration of a California landscape littered with fire hazards, with a fire looming in the distance

PG&E law won’t solve perennial fire crises

STATE AFFAIRS: CA, localities must invest in firefighting infrastructure, vegetation maintenance, community shelters

Lawmakers cannot foist all the blame onto PG&E, nor can utility reforms alone protect the state. In the past three years, Californians have witnessed the two largest fires in state history.
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Illustration of UC Berkeley's Campanile, as seen through a Zoom window

Students must choose online fall semester

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: Students opting for online semester will be essential for health, resolve campus’s ambiguity

For the well-being of their peers, staff, faculty and the Berkeley community, students should treat fall 2020 as an online-only semester.
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Illustration of a diverse group of college students looking up at UC Berkeley's Sather Gate

CA should pass ACA 5, end Prop. 209

STATE AFFAIRS: Affirmative action would help nuance admissions, improve diversity

Today, ACA 5 has unanimous support from the UC regents, and voters deserve a chance to repeal a race-blind system that was tried and has failed.
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Illustration of a group of police officers towering over a group of protesters

US, Berkeley should defund police budgets

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Investing in community, safety means defunding the police

Defunding police departments would be a strong first step to correct systemic oppression, and it would advance America toward eventual abolition of the police.
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