Illustration of student looking at laptop on bed

Impending COVID-19 outbreak demands ongoing transparency

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: Campus administrators need to continue open communication with students and faculty regarding coronavirus impacts on education

In light of the local COVID-19 outbreaks, also known as coronavirus, administrators have finally made the decision to implement virtual education.
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Illustration of UCSC and UC Berkeley grad students

COLA is a necessity for GSIs

UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS: Graduate student instructors deserve to be paid enough to live where they go to school

In order to support graduate students in the long term, the UC system must make a dedicated effort toward upholding academic progress by giving GSIs COLA.
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Illustration of person being robbed while another person walks under streetlight

City, campus need to see the light

CITY AFFAIRS: Lighting is an effective, low-cost alternative to reduce crime rates

While it’s heartening to see that Berkeley may take strides toward implementing more lighting, campus should take similar measures.
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