Three worried students in front of the Tang center

UC Berkeley must inform, actively support students in light of disruptive SHIP changes

CAMPUS ISSUES: On health care, the campus must recognize the impact that rising costs have on already marginalized students

The changes to SHIP coverage in the fall may be inevitable — so the campus must inform students about possible disruptions in coverage, rather than releasing dismissive press releases. If UC Berkeley truly values the health and wellbeing of every student, it must actively support students through the large and frustrating changes that next year will bring.
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A student in a dorm room with a sleeping bag and a bed without a mattress and a rat and rows of ants

To UC Berkeley: Students deserve far better than bedbugs and broken washing machines

CAMPUS ISSUES: Students cannot be expected to succeed academically while living in appalling campus housing conditions

Last month, an anonymous Facebook post on the Confessions from UC Berkeley page exposed abysmal living conditions in Stern Hall, the only all-women undergraduate residence hall on campus. Despite numerous complaints by students alleging issues of vermin on site, cold showers and broken washing machines, these concerns have yet to be completely resolved.
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A person reading the Daily Bruin paper which reads "On Strike"

The Daily Bruin shouldn’t have to go on strike to get the leader they voted for

COMMUNITY AFFAIRS: Staff members at student newspaper should have every right to make big decisions on their own. The Daily Bruin deserves better.

The Daily Californian’s editorial board stands in solidarity with the Daily Bruin’s staffers on strike this week. UCLA’s Communications Board needs to learn its place, and leave the critical decisions up to the Daily Bruin.
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2019 ASUC elections endorsements

UC Berkeley is no stranger to political movements. From free speech to police misconduct protests, the campus climate has become a microcosm of the nation’s rife political environment. This, coupled with the uncertain future for Title IX regulations and the ever-unreliable state funding for UC schools, illustrates the crucial issues at stake in this ASUC election. In the face of all these challenges, the next ASUC elected officials must have a bold vision to lead this campus.
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Teddy Lake for president

The ASUC presidency is largely symbolic — to many administrators, the president embodies the needs and desires of the student body. A strong president listens to and makes student voices heard in conversations that matter. A strong president doesn’t back down on the issues that are impacting students most. And this year, that president is CalSERVE’s Teddy Lake.
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Maureen Simmons for executive vice president

The editorial board has long questioned the purpose of the EVP role in the ASUC. But when Maureen Simmons began her campaign for the position with CalSERVE, she breathed life into the role in a way that past EVPs have continuously failed to do.
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Aastha Jha for academic affairs vice president

There’s no race closer than the academic affairs vice president, or AAVP, election this year — both candidates offer bold visions for the position. Ultimately, Student Action candidate Aastha Jha’s experience makes her the most qualified candidate in the race.
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