Illustration of filing cabinet with folder titled Domestic Violence

Berkeley, please update your policies

CITY AFFAIRS: City audit findings on domestic violence leave policy necessitate immediate action.

It’s disappointing that it took an audit to bring the policy to the forefront of the agenda, but it’s good to recognize how important they are in fixing flawed policy.
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Illustration of person with laptop in the dark

PG&E power outage plan kept people in the dark

STATE AFFAIRS: Lack of communication on power outage contributed to unnecessary stress, confusion.

PG&E should’ve known that the outage would drive people to use the website; failing to prepare for that was a huge mistake on PG&E’s part. 
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Illustration of teacher and students in classroom

Our public schools are nothing without our teachers

STATE AFFAIRS: Educators ought to be at the forefront of Berkeley voters’ minds come election season.

While it’s a pity that the state hasn’t yet prioritized grade school education, it’s on Berkeley voters to keep teachers in the district and let them do what they do best. 
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Illustration of coin with Oski being pulled into pieces

To fund campus, state needs to pick up the slack

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: UC Berkeley succeeded in balancing the budget but still needs continual support from alumni, state

Despite being stretched to the bone financially, the campus has made an impressive effort to maintain the quality of the education we receive.
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