Affirming affordability

HIGHER EDUCATION: In this year’s State of the Union address, the President provides a solid framework saving higher education.

We have been told the state of our union is strong. And while it may not always seem that way to college students as the cost of school increases in the face of recession, budget cuts and austerity measures, President Barack Obama’s vision for higher education casts a glimmer of
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Unwarranted upheaval

CITY AFFAIRS: UC Berkeley should have been more communicative with its intention to send work crews into People’s Park.

People’s Park has long been a source of contention for UC Berkeley, its students, city residents and people who use the space. The park itself has changed over the years and will continue to do so as the campus grows around it, with the Anna Head Residence Hall set to
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Progressive protest

CAMPUS ISSUES: By peacefully occupying the anthropology library at Kroeber Hall, protesters proved direct action can work.

With so many voices constantly demanding salvation for the University of California in the face of the state’s ever-mounting budget crisis, solid and constructive victories are often difficult to find. When protesters occupied Kroeber Hall’s anthropology library between last Thursday and Saturday and pushed UC Berkeley’s administration to preserve its
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Breaking the mold

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: In moving their May meeting to Sacramento, the Board of Regents has made an excellent opportunity for change.

For as long as most of us have been students, protesting against tuition hikes and California’s divestment from higher education has been a prominent part of our college experience. And whether we participate in protests ourselves or silently observe, campus administrators and the UC Board of Regents alike have steered
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Paying it forward

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The conversation around a flawed student plan that would eliminate tuition is a step toward fixing budget woes.

Though outstanding attention has been garnered by a student plan that would abolish traditional tuition for a University of California education, its details fall short. The plan, which was crafted by members of UC Riverside’s student newspaper and other student leaders, would eliminate fees and instead make most graduates pay
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Copyright conundrum

NATIONAL ISSUES: Internet-regulating legislation moving through the United States Congress is troubling and could erode our freedoms.

As students, we see the Internet as an integral part of our lives. We grew up with the world at our fingertips. Studying for school, networking with friends, laughing at cats and countless other online activities have become part of who we are as a generation. Two pieces of legislation
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Up in smoke

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: UC President Mark Yudof’s letter ordering all of the system’s campuses to become smoke-free by 2014 is a welcome move.

Decades ago, it might not have been that strange to visit a professor for office hours and find them with a cigarette hanging from their lips. Today, you might catch a few stressed students taking a drag outside of the Free Speech Movement Cafe during dead week. In two years,
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Review session

CAMPUS ISSUES: Many moments on campus were widely scrutinized this semester, but how will we choose to remember this fall?

An intentionally racist bake sale. Police officers jabbing batons against nonviolent student protesters. These images were some of the most iconic of fall 2011, but they should not be the ones that completely characterize this semester. As we move into the spring, we cannot forget the progress that has been
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Failure to communicate

CAMPUS ISSUES: After much scrutiny of UC Berkeley’s handling of Nov. 9, the chancellor issued a less-than-satisfying apology.

As students began to zip across the country for Thanksgiving break last Tuesday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau shot out an audio message to the UC Berkeley community — at last an apology for the highly-criticized events of Nov. 9. It takes courage to take full responsibility for the police
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Flagrant disregard

CITY AFFAIRS: Efforts to aid those affected by the Nov. 18 fire are noble, but reports about the landlord’s behavior are troubling.

A fiery blaze engulfed an apartment building at the corner of Haste Street and Telegraph Avenue on the night of Nov. 18, sending up in smoke the homes of 68 tenants, several businesses as well as the confidence of some residents in their building’s management. Soon after the fire, UC Berkeley
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