The noble struggle

STATE ISSUES: By ruling California’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals set a just precedent.

For too long, the rights of same-sex couples have remained suspended in California, inexplicably restricted by a law that is both rationally and morally reprehensible. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ Tuesday ruling that struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban — passed by ballot initiative Proposition 8 in
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Wrongful termination

CITY AFFAIRS: The City Council’s willingness to cave to neighborhood complaints was wrong and sets a bad precedent for Berkeley.

Just because something upsets you doesn’t make it wrong. Unless, of course, members of Berkeley City Council agree, as they did with the neighbors of 2133 Parker St. in their Jan. 31 decision to declare the 17-bedroom, student-occupied building a public nuisance after the city previously allowed its expansion and
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Walking a fine line

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Moving money away from big banks may be commendable, but ideology should not be the sole motivating factor.

While America’s biggest financial institutions certainly played their part in the economic recession that persists today, it’s hard to exact meaningful punishments on them. Unethical behavior, after all, isn’t necessarily illegal behavior. Right on the heels of Berkeley City Council’s Jan. 31 decision to consider alternatives to banking with Wells
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Delayed deadline

CAMPUS ISSUES: Though the Police Review Board must take time to gather student input, it must not delay longer than necessary.

Our campus community and the nation at large were shaken as they watched UCPD officers use batons to prevent Occupy Cal protesters from setting up tents in front of Sproul Plaza on Nov. 9, 2011. But today, it isn’t what happened that gives us pause — it’s what may be
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Baby steps

CAMPUS ISSUES: Recent revisions to the student conduct process are useless if administrators keep treating it as a punitive process.

Student protesters expect a certain degree of punishment when they engage in civil disobedience on campus. After all, the peaceful violation of rules is an important part of some demonstration tactics. But that expectation, in years past, was accompanied by an often slow, inefficient and unfair student conduct process at
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Enforcement issues

CITY AFFAIRS: The City Council’s move to impose new rules that would primarily affect the student population are unwelcome.

Tonight, Berkeley City Council will consider changing ordinances to address problems often associated with the student population, even though the city has not, thus far, done much to include them in the conversation. The council must not vote in favor of this legislation as it stands. The proposed changes would
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Different strokes

HIGHER EDUCATION: While the Cal State University system’s presidential pay cap may benefit it, the move would be wrong for the UC.

When San Diego State University approved last July that its new president would make $100,000 more than his predecessor — even in the face of cuts to higher education — many students were rightfully angry. But while the California State University system’s Jan. 25 decision to cap its presidents’ earnings
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Affirming affordability

HIGHER EDUCATION: In this year’s State of the Union address, the President provides a solid framework saving higher education.

We have been told the state of our union is strong. And while it may not always seem that way to college students as the cost of school increases in the face of recession, budget cuts and austerity measures, President Barack Obama’s vision for higher education casts a glimmer of
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Unwarranted upheaval

CITY AFFAIRS: UC Berkeley should have been more communicative with its intention to send work crews into People’s Park.

People’s Park has long been a source of contention for UC Berkeley, its students, city residents and people who use the space. The park itself has changed over the years and will continue to do so as the campus grows around it, with the Anna Head Residence Hall set to
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Progressive protest

CAMPUS ISSUES: By peacefully occupying the anthropology library at Kroeber Hall, protesters proved direct action can work.

With so many voices constantly demanding salvation for the University of California in the face of the state’s ever-mounting budget crisis, solid and constructive victories are often difficult to find. When protesters occupied Kroeber Hall’s anthropology library between last Thursday and Saturday and pushed UC Berkeley’s administration to preserve its
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