An overdue foreclosure

CITY AFFAIRS: The city’s recent action taken to reignite the development of a vacant lot on Telegraph Avenue was long overdue.

After 20 years of allowing the vacant lot on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street to sit idly — collecting trash, attracting rodents and becoming an eyesore on Southside — the Berkeley City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to foreclose the property. It’s about time. We are glad
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Discussing the future

HIGHER EDUCATION: Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s new group to discuss funding for higher education shows influential potential.

As often happens in politics, a new committee has popped up to address a sweeping issue in the state of California, boasting the sole end goal of submitting recommendations. The group, assembled by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, will throw members of both the private and public sector together in a
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A step closer to a dream

The rest of the state’s DREAM Act is set to be signed into law — another victory for undocumented students.

For undocumented students, the California DREAM Act is another door unlocked. For legislators and activists who worked tirelessly for undocumented student rights to be written into law, the bill is a long-awaited victory. For America, the bill is paving the way for other states to follow. We expect Gov. Jerry
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A dubious investment

A UC Berkeley initiative’s $500,000 plan to provide free Adobe software is questionable as to why it was devised.

Photoshop amateurs and creative designers alike may light up to hear that a UC Berkeley project is doling out $500,000 for students to have free Adobe software, but the news also generates questions, skepticism and confusion — why Adobe, why the expense and how will this serve as a sustainable
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Becoming balanced

CAMPUS ISSUES: A report gave UC Berkeley a failing grade for general education, calling into question our balanced education.

The top 10 slots in national — even global — rankings are often reserved for UC Berkeley, but a recent report gives the campus an unambiguous F. Rankings released Tuesday by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni graded colleges based on whether they require seven core subjects and gave
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Narrowing the gap

CITY AFFAIRS: After state data shows a widening gap between minority and white students’ success, action needs to be taken.

As time passes and minority students continue to struggle in Berkeley public schools, the educational vision of the city remains far-sighted. Not only did the percentage of Berkeley students passing the state high school exit exam decrease this year, but the gap between minority and white students widened, according to
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Taking safety seriously

CAMPUS ISSUES: The recent reports of sexual battery around UC Berkeley raise the question of how much students are aware of their safety.

Students read about the mother who reported being sexually battered while moving her son into the dorms Aug. 21. Students also read about the woman who was allegedly grabbed inappropriately while walking through the Eucalyptus Grove on campus that same day and about how, on the following day, a UC
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Securing our future

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: A report shows unprecedented numbers of unemployed youth, revealing the broad spectrum of our age group’s challenges.

Our nation’s youth are without jobs and are giving up hope. That is what a federal report showed last Wednesday, and that is what we, as students, see around us and fear. We do not just see this report as another depressing statistic representative of the lagging job market. We
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More than monetary

First came the dreaded furlough program. Then came fewer graduate student instructors due to a lack of funding, continued competitive offers from big-budget private schools and the layoffs of colleagues and friends, all while salaries for many UC faculty and staff members remained well below market rate. And yet across
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Supporting the hikers

For more than two years, they sat together in an Iranian prison. For more than two years, they fended off sickness and depression, watching as their comrade showed signs of sickness so serious that she was allowed to return home without them. And now, the two UC Berkeley alumni may
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