National Debt Debate

Compromise to cut debt Brit Moller comments on the possible political strategy Republicans may be taking: “desperate times call for desperate measures.” But I still see great opportunities for reasonable compromise. Cutting government spending does not have to hurt our dear social security. Farm subsidies, for example, are in dire
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Higher Education Cuts

Thank you for emphasizing the role of the state in your editorial on the current budget crisis. While the university is hardly a perfect institution, the continued cuts and tuition increases come not at the whim of Yudof and the Board of Regents but are a direct result of the
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Vacancies harm city


Thank you for J.D. Morris’s article on the online poll regarding shopping on Telegraph Avenue. People seem eager to misinterpret this poll, in which students express a wish to see less homeless people on the street. I believe it is safe to suggest that all of us, the whole community
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