Illustration of students in a crowded Berkeley classroom, a raincloud hovering over one central student

We have a serious mental health crisis…but go Bears?

There is nothing impressive about pushing yourself to the point of no return — it is always braver to be vulnerable. Maybe it’s time that admitting when it’s hard, asking for help and practicing self-care become a part of who we are as UC Berkeley students.
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Disrupt NBA games, save the animals

As farms continue to spread diseases such as HPAI, torturing animals and exploiting workers in the process, it is crucial that people take direct action to challenge this violent industry.
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Photo of Amber Griffin-Royal

The slap felt around the world

I disagree with most public discourse on the “Will and Chris” situation, as it woefully omits Pinkett-Smith’s experience and the larger elephant in the room: The acceptance of Black womxn being humiliated as a form of entertainment in this country. 
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