Disrupt NBA games, save the animals

As farms continue to spread diseases such as HPAI, torturing animals and exploiting workers in the process, it is crucial that people take direct action to challenge this violent industry.
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Photo of Amber Griffin-Royal

The slap felt around the world

I disagree with most public discourse on the “Will and Chris” situation, as it woefully omits Pinkett-Smith’s experience and the larger elephant in the room: The acceptance of Black womxn being humiliated as a form of entertainment in this country. 
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Image depicting money and education

A personal view of UC Berkeley’s EECS crisis

Losing just a single one of these scaled classes will be a disaster since the department must provide more than 7,000 student-seats per year in the upper division courses. It will create a situation where there are simply not enough classroom seats for our existing majors to meet graduation requirements.
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Illustration of the sun above an earth with depictions of lowering 'water levels' indicative of a drought.

Addressing drought as a collective problem

By combining forces between our student community members and those of us who call Berkeley and the East Bay home, we can take responsibility and make an impact. Together, the daunting task of overcoming extreme, regular droughts becomes more attainable.
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