Middle class was let down by California State Legislature

The middle class is dwindling. Since the economic downturn, politicians have rallied behind the call to help the poor and middle classes.  Political speeches are now about protecting the middle class.  But, as experience has proven recently, political rhetoric about the middle class is nothing more than just that —
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Switching to solid ground

Healthcare workers at Alta Bates will be switching to new union for stronger benefits

Whether it’s Alta Bates Summit Hospital rising above Ashby and Telegraph, or the Herrick Campus serving psychiatric patients, or the towering complex of health facilities at the Summit Campus near Downtown Oakland, East Bay residents are intimately familiar with Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. These are hospitals where our children
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Rising businesses keep area vibrant

Measure S ensures safety of students

Perhaps nothing symbolizes the changes in the economy more than what we all see on Thursday evenings with the “Off the Grid” food trucks. Food trucks are a hot, growing phenomenon all over the country and they are now here on Telegraph every Thursday evening. Hundreds of people come to socialize on the sidewalks and street while enjoying a tasty meal. Our challenge, which we are still working on, is how to meaningfully tie Telegraph as a destination into such a fun event. Some individual merchants have done so already. Moe’s Books has poetry readings many Thursday evenings and Caffe Mediterraneum has interesting coffee tastings in front of their café during “Off the Grid.”
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Leave the alcohol at home, drink safely on gameday

With the new Memorial Stadium completed, football games are back on our home turf. Last Saturday marked the first football game of the season, and Berkeley was flooded with blue and gold, eager alums, students and fans cheering on the Golden Bears. While most enjoyed the event without any problems,
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Bring a stop to the dehumanization

California is moving in the right direction by passing the bill, but the nation needs to do more to protect minors

First of all, I would like to commend California for being the first state to pass a bill that will ban gay-conversion therapy for minors. Gay-conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy, pray the gay away or ex-gay treatments, is therapy administered to people in order to change their sexual
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Make admissions need-based

Ten percent admission fails Texas students, perpetuates disparities

While I wholeheartedly agree with Cruz’s goals of increasing diversity on college campuses, and making college campuses more representative of the overall population, I must emphatically disagree with his assertion that the “ten percent plan is, by far, the most democratic, equal, fair and transparent admissions system of any elite university in the country.” Instead I wish to offer an alternative method, which, in my opinion, is much fairer than drawing an arbitrary cut-off line. That method can be described as affirmative action based on socioeconomic status, and not race
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Bill would place added burden on UC faculty

Community service proposal in faculty tenure bill should not be mandated

Will the Harvards, Cal Techs and Stanfords out there change their tenure policy to match the UC? I doubt it. Why? Because it will place these schools at a competitive disadvantage for research funding. Placing an additional burden on the UC tenure-track faculty outside of the typical university norm would cause a faculty to commit additional time and resources and potentially distract that faculty from building up his or her laboratory, writing research grants and publishing his or her findings in scholarly journals. Is the groundbreaking work of an academic researcher not worthy enough service to the wider community?
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Appreciate the art for what it is

Natural Discourse exhibit should be about art, not politics

Clearly some people have taken ‘offense’ over the use of some glass tubes in an art exhibit — SOL Grotto — which is now installed in the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley as part of a larger exhibit entitled Natural Discourse. I was saddened when some went so far as
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Donation should stop athletics from overspending on campus’ dime

Reading The Daily Californian article “Cal Athletics receives $10 million donation for programs, infrastructure,” it is apparent that Cal is lucky to have such generous benefactors as Lisa and Doug Goldman.  Past donations from the Goldman family supported the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley as well as
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10 percent admissions plan allows equality

UC Berkeley should adopt affirmative action plan similar to University of Texas

BAMN agrees with UC President Mark Yudof, the other UC chancellors and other university administrations nationwide who have taken a stand in defense of the University of Texas affirmative action plan. The Daily Californian editorial from Aug. 20 ignores the entire reality of the resegregation of the UC Berkeley campus
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