All we need is a fighting chance

Right now, the city of Berkeley is considering an increase in its minimum wage. A higher minimum wage would help thousands of residents afford the city’s high costs of basic living necessities, like food and rent. It would also give our university’s students a fighting chance to pay for college.
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Fixing the UC retirement system time bomb

UC students appreciate that faculty achievements have made their university among the very best in the world. Many also know that UC faculty members have long been underpaid compared to faculty members at our peer universities. Historically, however, lower salaries were balanced by a superb retirement system. In return for
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Lost buildings mean lost history

Sale of main Berkeley post office building means loss of rich history

Students, like others who pass by the tents pitched on the steps of Berkeley’s century-old Downtown post office, may well wonder what all the fuss is about. After all, we’re all using the Internet now instead of popping letters to Mom in those disappearing street mailboxes, and the lines at
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Employees should retire with dignity

UC employees feel like they are paying more now to ultimately get less in retirement benefits in the future

Everyone should be able to retire with dignity with a pension after a lifetime of work. Productivity has increased dramatically over the last 30 years, but most of this increased income has gone to the top 1 percent of earners. At the same time, these earners in the top 1
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Raising minimum wage is obvious choice for Bay Area

Four years ago this week, we saw the federal minimum wage rise to a meager $7.25 an hour. The state minimum wage has been stuck at $8.00 for five years. For a full-time worker, this amounts to just $16,640 — far below the national poverty level for a family of
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Students should stand behind Sadia Saifuddin

Last week, the UC Board Of Regents took a historic step by confirming the first Muslim student regent-designate, Sadia Saifuddin. Despite Saifuddin’s tremendous record of accomplishment, in the weeks leading up to the meeting, dozens of groups slandered Saifuddin with baseless claims. They sent messages to the board, urging it
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Reigning in golden handshakes at UC

While Americans don’t seem to agree on much these days, there has been a growing public consensus on the issue of reforming public employee pensions. Virtually no one thinks “public servants” should be receiving taxpayer-subsidized payouts as large as $300,000 per year for life when they are no longer working.
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Voices speak out on Cairo

Egyptians address our misconceptions on the Middle East

If someone gave you 140 characters to share one message with the world, what would you tell people? Really — think about that for a second. Would it be a message of hope, of freedom? Would you share your words of wisdom or maybe give caution to the coming generation?
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UC has us ready for life challenges

UC alumna address challenges we must overcome post graduation

Because I’ve just graduated, I know that I should be ecstatic. I’ve had a break from the seemingly endless schoolwork and the pressure to get good grades. Finally, too, I’ve gotten some sleep. And, fellow UC graduates, we’ve received a college degree from a system that “once again scored very
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